Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Begining : Two different life

Its different sun rise each day. Its different walk on the streets each day. We meet, we rejoice yet are not living the life we want to. Its said in one of the movie, there is a field between right doing and wrong doing. There is a space between right and wrong. There is life behind the face we wear. There exists a human being behind the walk of life.

What makes people live two different life? I ask you WHAT? I am not sure what I can write about it, but I know one thing that there is lot of differnt in way we potray ourself in world, and way we potray ourself in mirror.

This is world of competition, a poor kid gets screwed in the jaws of the world. Someone wants to do other than being a doctor or engineer then thats a Sin. What the world is going to do with so many doctors and engineers? What a person will do if thats not done with all his or her heart?

There are people you will find walking on the street you take walk on, in the same train you travel in or in the same bus you run to catch, who will be thinking how to spend some more time out. We have lived a different life for so long than we forgot who we actually are. We wanted to be a writer, or a photgrapher, or a teacher or nothing but a philantraphist. But what we actually became? We became a puppet of the world. We fulfill the destiny of the path designed for us, but not something which we consturcted. Whom to blame? Honestly no one. Its US or we who has to be blamed. We didnt stood for our rights when we had to. We didnt stood for the craving we had in our heart and accpeted what was given to us. We had fear of loosing a dear or near one. We were afraid of our decision might hurt someone so we accepted the thrones in our path. So what is that we can do.  Nothing?

Not Nothing, I am trying to build a society of our own. Lets discuss how we are living two differnt life, how each day we wear two different mask in our walk of life. Lets not take or write any name but lets spend a time talking or writing and it will make us belive that there is someone in the web world, who might understand the two differnt life someone living. I will hear you, I will write your part here without any names and You will be yourself, what you always wanted to be.

Lets make a community where we can live and talk as we always wanted to be. Its a challenge, a risk one has to take. Its effort which will needed from you, me and others to write and talk to. We will make this community where difference will be appreciated. Out of box thinking will be respected, and we will tell world, Lets not have anyone living two differnt life, because It Hurts. Let each decide what life one wants to live. And even if one person decides to live life in his or her own way by any small means of our story or effort we are taking, we will be happy.

Friends, i dont know how long i will take for first response to this, but I will keep writing about people i know who live two different life, who has shared their dreams and hopes, and I will wait for world to write their own tow differnt life part, and if we can make a slightest change in some one to live only one life as required, we have done our part. Lets make a effort stop two different life part, and Lets make it together friends.

Please write to me about what is your two different life is all about and we will become one community where there will life as we always wanted to be. I promise to not to share your names or details, and we will be a point to share or write our part. Lets make it happen.